Classic massage
Improves the circulation, reduces tension, restores skin elasticity and improves mood.
80 zł, 60 minutes

Relaxing massage
Based on classic massage techniques. Best way to maximize relaxation of tight muscles, loosen tensions, resulting in relaxation and peacefulness.
75 zł, 60 minutes

Aromatherapy massage
Brings relief after a hard day, perfect gift for people with high stress and those who gets massage for the first time.
100 zł, 60 minutes

Candle massage
Massage which is based on natural oil from candle which can wake up your senses and loosen tension in tight muscle.
100 zł, 60 minutes

Sports massage
May be used as a warm-up or after the hard training day as a relaxation and faster regeneration for overloaded muscles. Dedicated to active people and sportsman.
90 zł, 60 minutes

Anti-cellulite massage
Stimulates lymph flow, breaks down fatty tissue, reduces cellulite. It is a massage of high intensity.
90 zł, 60 minutes

Dedicated to neurological , cardiac, orthopedic patients.
70 zł, 60 minutes

25 zł for applications.

Special offer:
• when booking 10 massages in the package 1 massage for free,
• discount 10% for regular customers,
• vouchery gift for the chosen treatment.

Free drive to the customer in Gdansk and Sopot.

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